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The Great Bear Rainforest


September is the best time to visit the Great Bear Rainforest.  This is the month when the salmon leave the ocean and return to the streams they were born in.  This is also when the bears come down from the mountains to have their fill of fish before the winter hibernation. 

I spent 9 days aboard the Passing Cloud, a 70' schooner operated by Outer Shores. Nothing would have prepared me for the experiences that I had in those 9 days.  The incredible beauty of the rainforests, the thrill of photographing so many bears, the iconic spirit bear, wolves, whales, sea lions, the list is endless!  It is an experience that I will treasure, but more importantly it gave me the understanding of how important this area is and how much we need to be actively working to preserve it from any environmental hazards!

Morning Dip...
In the Cleft

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