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Mountain Lily
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 I have discovered macro-photography, specifically flowers.  I have been amazed at the details that are exposed when you put your camera lens within a few inches of a flower.  



"Never Give-up!"
Many would choose to focus on the young seedling and it's perseverance to survive, but could I direct you to the tree limb that this seedling is growing on.
There comes a time in all our lives when we think that we are useless and don't have a purpose, but with
out the limb of a mature tree, the seedling would have no place to grow.
You never know the little cracks in your life that will support never give-up!

Tears From Heaven

"Tears from Heaven"
When I lost my Mom and her twin brother within a few weeks of each other, I have found that photography has been a healing balm to my spirit over these tear filled days.

When we visited the Butchart Gardens shortly after their passing, the day was rainy and it seemed like there was nothing to photograph.
I couldn't have been more wrong....

"Tiny Dancer"

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