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Mount Denali, Denali National Forest, Alaska

This is a seldom seen image of the backside of Mount Denali.   It was taken on a recreational flight over the Denali Mountain Range at 20,000 feet above sea level.  We were not sure when the day started whether we would be able to make the flight due to high winds, which is normally the case with this mountain range, but at 7:00 pm we got the go ahead and took off for our adventure.  Our pilot was so excited because it was one of those rare days when the winds subsided and we were able to "summit" the mountain. 

A Peaceful Afternoon

A Peaceful Afternoon, Washington State


   Se'a Moana

Wendi L Forster- PNG.png
Iceland's Majesty

Iceland's Majesty 

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Wendi L. Forster Photography


W L Forster Photography

Wendi L Forster- PNG.png

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