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Polar Bears

Churchill Manitoba is considered the polar bear capital of the world.  It sits on the shores of the Hudson Bay and the mouth of the Churchill River.  This is the place where the bay freezes over first and the bears congregate here in anticipation of the ice and the beginning of their hunting season.  

There is such a special feeling seeing your first polar bear, watching him stride towards the water.  It is even more incredible to witness a polar bear mom nurse her cub.  

These bears live in the harshest of conditions and are considered so fierce, but to watch the interaction of a mom and cub leaves you in awe of these magnificent  animals!



Animal Worthy of Great Respect

This image is of a female polar bear. She had just finished nursing her cub when she turned towards me and paused.  We had a moment there, on the shores of the Hudson Bay.  It was like she looked into my eyes, that were filled with so much emotion from what I had just witness and said 

"Now you truly understand the meaning of being called Momma Bear"!

Siku Nanook

"Siku Nanook"

This image is of a 2 year old polar bear cub.  He was eating seaweed on the shores of the Hudson Bay, when he walked over to his mom and "cried to nurse".  It was the most heart wrenching sound I had ever heard....knowing that both he and his mother had not had a meal in several months.  The tenderness that I witnessed between this mom and her cub as she nursed was indescribable!

Mother's Embrace

Rest in my embrace, my little one

for soon  you will be grown and on  your own.

For now I'll protect you and give you your need

I'll teach you our way for one day you'll leave...

Always On Guard

When a polar finds a seal breathing hole, they will patiently wait, sometimes hours even days for a seal to make their appearance.

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