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North American Wildlife

Perfect Pose
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"Perfect Pose"
You never know when you will have an opportunity to capture an animal in their natural habitat.  While in Yellowstone, I came across this beautiful Pine Marten who was busy playing with it's partner.  

Pure Power
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"Pure Power"

The size of these majestic animals is only understood when you have the opportunity to be within a few hundred feet of them.  They are massive!  This bull was busy sweeping the snow away with his massive head to get to the grass below.  They truly are power in motion.

No Fear
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"No Fear"

I live in Alberta and it is rare to have a coyote be within a half kilometer of you without being extremely skittish.  In Yellowstone, however it is quite opposite.  These lovely creatures are used to humans and do not know the effects of harassment.  This fellow came striding along my vehicle, pausing briefly to get a little look at me....

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