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Polar Bear Mom and Cub

From my very first image of a Polar Bear, I knew that these bears would hold a special place in my heart.   These incredible animals live in the harshest of conditions.  Their main food source is only available from November to May each year, imagine not having a sustaining meal for 5 months!  But it's the female Polar Bears that have especially captured my heart and this past March I was able to spend 8 days on the tundra with these incredible animals.   To witness their tenderness towards their young cubs leaves you in awe and wonder....not to mention leaving icicles on your cheeks.   To understand a female's migration to the denning sites 60 km east of the Hudson's Bay and then to lead their new cubs back that 60km to the Bay in hopes of feeding themselves before the ice breaks up is unfathomable at the very least.  

Enjoy these moments that I have captured between a 3 month old cub and his very protective mother.   

I Love you Mom

I Love you Mom

Play with me Mom

Play With Me

Sweet Dreams My Little One

Sweet Dreams My Little One

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